I grew up in Forty Fort, PA. I have a lot of great childhood memories of Forty Fort; however, most of my time during that stage in my life was spent playing basketball at the Forty Fort Park with the neighborhood boys. I think for the most part, they accepted me with open arms, but the message was loud and clear, “Go Hard or Go Home!”

It is safe to say that still to this day, I “go hard” in everything I pursue. After graduating from Wyoming Valley West High School, I continued my academic and athletic pursuits at Misericordia University where I was the starting point guard on the women’s basketball team for 4 years and the all-time leader in assists.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management and a Master of Science degree in Education. I am big fan of Coach John Wooden and believe strongly in his Pyramid of Success, where industriousness and enthusiasm are the cornerstones. One of his creeds that are most indicative of my personality and work ethic is: “Make each day your masterpiece.” Oh, and most of my days are started with a strong cup of coffee and a slobbery kiss from my pit-bull, Apollo!

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